Are you taking massive action or passive action?


Today I want to talk about taking massive action vs. passive action. 

This is something I learned from one of my teachers and mentors,  Brooke Castillo who is the founder of The Life Coach School. (I highly recommend The Life Coach School Podcast!)

So what is massive action, what is passive action, and why am I even talking about this today? 

I’ve seen that when things get tough, many Work Bigger clients get stuck in avoidance. It’s *easier* in the short term to avoid the triggers and the struggles, rather than take action.

I totally get it. But when you have a goal, taking ACTION toward that goal is the only thing that will yield results for you.

You can’t think your way to your result, and you can’t feel your way to results either (though the thinking and the feeling are really significant).

I’ve also heard clients say – “I’m doing all the things. I’m taking the courses, I’m doing the reading and the learning – and I’m still in the same place I was six months ago.” 

The learning is not enough, and it’s not massive action.

So let’s talk about it.  

In this video, I share the difference between massive action and passive action. Which one are you taking? And how is it impacting your results?

When you’re done watching, I want to hear from you:

  • What is the greatest insight you’ve had from this video today? I’d love to hear how this applies to you – where you’re taking passive action and massive action.

Share in the comments, and I can coach you on how to take more massive action so you can get closer to the results you want. 

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