Here’s Why You’re Not Making as Much Progress as You Want

here's how to make more progress in your career

Scarcity mindset.

I’ve been thinking about how scarcity (or fear) is deeply ingrained in our society. It’s everywhere: politics, business, the way we live our lives, and how we make decisions around family or work.

Why is this important?

Why is it important to NOT make a decision from a place of scarcity, but instead a place of possibility? 

Because possibility = potential. When we operate from a place of possibility, we’re keeping the door open for things to happen that we want to happen.

For a long time, I thought if I was fearful of a certain outcome, I’d be preparing myself for what could go wrong.

But, creativity, innovation, and problem solving (key skills required to be successful in life and at work) happen when we keep an open mind to what’s possible.

Therefore, if we can agree that possibility drives innovation, and innovation helps solve some of the big problems in the world, won’t we evolve more quickly as a society? And isn’t it possible to create a better world for everyone? 

Scarcity vs. Possibility at Work

Because this is a career change platform, I want to specifically talk about how the scarcity mindset can impact our careers.

For example, can you relate to the feelings (or thoughts) below?

  1. “I want to leave my job and run my business full time, but I’m afraid I’ll fail, which will result in massive debt and losing everyone I love.”
  2. Or, even “I want to negotiate for a higher salary, but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m ungrateful.”

Accepting these feelings and thoughts leads to specific actions.

The first fear, is a personal one for me. I’ve battled with the fear of losing my family for years, and until recently I didn’t know it was holding me back. I thought that if I just keep going, I’d make the progress I was seeking. (Isn’t it kind of freaky that you can have this one big thing getting in your way, and you’re not even aware of it?)

This didn’t serve me. It only caused me to self sabotage subconsciously. (More on this another time.) Rather than taking action and seeking opportunities, I took actions that kept me “safe.”  

Similarly with the negotiation example, if we accept our feelings of fear, we’re unlikely to ask for more money with boldness. Maybe we ask but we don’t do it fully – meaning our full energy and heart aren’t in it because we’re worried about what others think of us. Do you think your negotiation outcome will be more favorable to you if you approach it with confidence?

How would you approach the negotiation conversation if you felt it wasn’t about what you’d lose but about what you’d gain?

3 Ways to Start Operating from a Place of Possibility Right Now

A family member recently asked me, “Isn’t it natural to operate from a place of fear?”   We feel that way because fear is deeply ingrained in us. If we can build our awareness around it, we can understand how we’re making decisions, and ultimately how those decisions are impacting our results.

Here are three tools to help you do that:

  1. Drop into your heart or your gut. How do you feel? Does it feel good? Do you feel in alignment with your intuition?  If you feel expansion in your body, there’s the feeling of possibility.
  2. Break down the fear. When you feel scarcity, you probably feel it in your body so you’re likely to fight or flight – run away, change the subject, do something else. But this doesn’t deepen your awareness of what’s going on. How is the fear making you feel? Go to that bad place. Then take a step realistic is the scenario you’ve created in your mind?
  3. After I realized the fear of losing my family was a deeply ingrained fear, I decided to play devil’s advocate with myself and ask a different question: “What’s possible if I leave my job and run my business full time?” It can take a few minutes to let the possibility seep in, but to make it easier, break down the question.
      • Who will my work serve?
      • What will I create?
      • Who will I become?

Now your turn. What’s your greatest fear, and how can you reframe it?

In Conclusion: To Make More Progress In Your Career, Find the Possibility 

I feel scarcity is an epidemic that closes the door on what’s really possible for us. In this article, I’ve asked you to look at scarcity from the perspective of your work and how scarcity may be holding you back.

On a macro level, how could our society change if we operated from a different perspective – if we made decisions based on love and possibility vs. fear and lack?

I talked about this in the Work Bigger Community a few days ago. Click here to watch the Facebook Live.

What questions do you have for us after reading this article? We’d love to hear from you and continue unpacking this issue even more. Share with us in the comments below.

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