“Make a Sustainable Career Change...Faster.”

What Do You Get?

Work Bigger gives you the skills, resources and support you need to find work you love and
reach your full potential. Through Work Bigger, you receive:




Is it for you?

You’re super ambitious and you don’t want to put a cap on your potential.

You’re stuck in an energy-draining job and you have no idea how to get out of it.

You have a lot of potential but feeling frustrated because you’re not leveraging it at your current job.

You’re looking to do work that’s challenging and makes a difference in the world.

Maybe this means starting your own company, launching a freelance career or transitioning to an organization that gets you super pumped.

You’re ready to do the work!

What Are People Saying?

I accepted a job offer today and negotiated a salary 14% higher than the original offer!

Additionally, I added more duties and responsibilities that align with my strengths and interests based on the results from the short course.

I had a lot of fun in the process of creating this role through writing, pitching and connected conversations. I couldn't have done it without support of Work Bigger. All this coaching and work-shopping came together so nicely!

Rachel Winter

I knew I wanted to sign-up for Work Bigger during the first cohort, but I was afraid: Will I make the investment and then give up? What if it's not what I am expecting?

What if my spouse freaks out about the cost? Will I be able to commit to the time working full time?

I decided to leap because I was finally, and truly fed up with my job, with feeling stuck, and with being depressed about it; I knew that I had to take action to make a change.

The time commitment is medium-high, but it needs to be! This is about personal growth and development - real work is required to take a deep internal journey, because what you find there is pure gold!

I graduated the program feeling really clear on my mission, feeling fearless, and knowing how to take intentional action towards my goals - something that had previously felt SO lost to me.

This program WORKS because it invites you to do real, hard, and honest work on yourself.

There is no other course like this one out there, especially for women, that gives you real - and LASTING - results and value!

Leah Noumoff

I searched for months trying to find the right program. I never made the investment in other programs, because many of the self-guided programs felt like a money drop and I knew I would probably not complete them.

What drew me to Work Bigger was the combination of self-guided exploration and action with coaching support, which helped me stay accountable and engaged.

The coaching was so critical to my newfound confidence and at a cost that was much more reasonable than private one-on-one coaching. I finished the program with a new outlook on my career path and life goals!

The best thing I got out of the program was the framework to focus and refocus my career goals. Finding your path is not a one-time experience in life, and so to have a framework I can utilize when new opportunities arise is incredibly valuable.

I highly recommend the Work Bigger program for women looking to change careers, but don't know where to start, for women with an idea of where they want to go, but not sure how to get there, or for women looking to figure out what their passion and purpose is.

Allison Callow

As a recovering people-pleaser, I'm not good at making time for myself. But I was craving a big change and I knew I had to make time for me in order to do it. I knew I needed to build the groundwork for me and my future.

The ROI was a major shift in self. Because I wanted to make the change, I put in the effort.
Because it was a big investment I wasn't about to half ass it. I was dedicated to getting the most out of it. Because of that I completely changed the way I think about myself, my work, my purpose, and I crafted a mission that will carry me into the future. This is the kick off to the rest of the investments you will make for yourself.

There are a lot of programs out there, but none that deliver the personalized attention, the support, or the community that Work Bigger does. Work Bigger isn't just a program you sign up for, it's a community full of dedicated, caring, powerful women pushing out of their comfort zones to find their place of power in the world.

We celebrate the journey together, from ups to downs and all the in-between.

Kindel Keenly

If you know you’re supposed to be doing something else with your life but are paralyzed by the uncertainty of what to do, Work Bigger is for you.

This was an investment for never ending support.

While I’m in a happy, stable place in my career right now, I know this can easily change in 1, 2 or 5 years. At that time, I have the luxury to reach out to Belma, the Work Bigger Coaches and the women in the program to ask for help, guidance, and support!

Magaly Viezcas

Working with Belma has been such a positive experience! She’s a great listener and always seems to know what steps to take to send you in the right direction.

I went into the Work Bigger short course having a million ideas and no clue what to do with them.

Belma and my coach were able to provide so much insight and guidance to help me figure out my goals and a realistic plan for achieving them.

I’d absolutely recommend the program to anyone who’s questioning their mission, or even just looking to connect with an awesome group of women!

Julia B.

How Can You Get Involved?

From a self-paced course to customized programming, learn more about your options to join Work Bigger

Short Course

Get clarity on your strengths and opportunities so that you know where to focus your next steps, whether you’re looking for a new job, thinking about going back to school or launching your own business

Work Bigger Program

Need a career change but feeling overwhelmed? Identify your mission and get clarity on what you want to do with your life and work.

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Ask about our customized programming, an opportunity to get support no matter where you are in your career.